Rivers International School Arnhem

Year 6 & 7
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Here in The Netherlands, we always have access to clean water, which we not only use to drink, but also to shower, flush the toilet, wash our hands, etc. However, not every country or region has this luxury. Some people (including children) have to walk for hours to supply their family with barely enough water to survive. Therefore, these children also don’t have a chance of going to school, or getting a proper job later on. 

Furthermore, this water isn’t even always clean! About 5, 000 children die per day because they don’t have access to clean water and sanitation. 

Walk for Water tries to help these families by supplying them with clean water in a nearby location. They also let children (like us) who are fortunate enough to have clean water experience what it is like to have to walk for water by completing a six kilometer walk with water on their back. 

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